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Dear Guests!

The hotel «History» meets the cases of any exacting traveler and provides the services according to the European standards. Especially it would be interesting for business people who need to have simultaneously the complex service and comfortable relaxing. One of the main features of the hotel is a special homelike atmosphere.

The administration does its best to make our guests feel free and easy like at home. There is no doubt that the hotel staff is very qualified, friendly, polite, attentive and always ready to fulfill you requests. The hotel «History» was opened in Tula only in December 2008 but it has already got its frequent guests. On leaving many of them give very good recommendations and comments about the level of the service and hotel comfort, many guests recommend it to their friends, relatives and acquaintances.

Many clients of our hotel who come to Tula several times, prefer to stay at our hotel again and again. These people are our frequent guests. Due to the excellent sound insulation and the unique location the hotel’s atmosphere is calm and tranquil. Not far from the hotel there are a lot of good restaurants with wonderful cuisines.

Our main priority is of course our high level service and accommodation comfort which could be compared to the home coziness. The hotel is not far from historic center of Tula. It is a great merit for tourists who come to our city for sightseeing. The hotel «History» is the best solution for those who come to Tula for holiday or for business trip and want to have a rest without any worries.

Tula is one of the attractive places for Russian and foreign tourists and the hotel «History» is the best place for relaxing for families, newly-weds young and elderly people, businessmen, sportsmen and students.

The hotel security is also very important nowadays. The hotel administration does its best to secure the guests and continues improving the safety. The hotel has the all day system of audio/video surveillance, round-the-clock receptionist duty who keeps order inside and outside. All the regulations of fire safety are observed, there are several escape routes, fire ladders, «alarm button» for calling the police, fire brigade and ambulance.

The European standard means the homelike atmosphere and the high level comfort. It is excellent that there is a place like home in a big unknown mysterious beautiful city. The hotel «History» administration responds to all the requests of the guests.